About Maggie

The Business

Maggie Makes It.com is a blending of two skills: jewelry making and web design. It is a one woman business headquartered in Maggie's small bedroom in a fashionable district of San Luis Obispo, California. Let's face it, there are a lot of people selling handmade jewelry out there, so Maggie Makes It can be pretty hard to find. But if you have found it, you are a lucky one for you have just found a prize.

The Creators

Maggie Przybylski (pictured right), while working for her bachelors degree in biological sciences at a prestigiuous California central coast university, began working at one of California's historic missions. The mission is where Maggie learned how to make rosaries. There began her career in jewelry making. Her first designs appeared in the mission gift shop in September of 2004. Since those first initial designs, Maggie has amassed a repertoire of classy and elegant designs, that can be made custom for the wearer.

Morgan Murphy is responsible in large part for the inception of Maggie Makes It .com. Though his day job is software engineering, he enjoys dabbling in side projects related to web design, especially those that help local businesses succeed on the web. Maggie Makes It .com created an opportunity for Morgan to develop some new tools for web sales that are no less than genius. And a pretty sweet website, too. Stay tuned for improvements to the Maggie Makes It website.

Maggie enjoys costume design and manufacture, and science fiction. Morgan likes playing video games and tasty beer. They both enjoy long walks on the beach at sunset, traveling on the seas and overseas, and backpacking in the currently preserved spaces of the nation (wilderness).

Together, Morgan and Maggie use their aesthetic expertise to bring elegance and ease of buying power to their website visitors.